Friday, January 22, 2010

Tricare Going To Take Another Hit

Not too long ago my blogging mentor, good friend Blackandgoldfan posted some info concerning one raise to military Tricare benefit costs. Well here we go again.

This administration seems to want nothing more than to stick it to us(veterans) and the elderly. For anyone out there that has Tricare you know what I mean when I say it is already so hard to find doctors that will accept what Tricare pays. We could go to military clinics if you have one close and it has open slots. Active duty and their dependants come first in those as it should be but those of us that are retired and have high disability ratings need somewhere to go as well.
They want to continue to make it hard on us. Maybe they are hoping we will die young so they can stop our disability payments or retirement checks. That way they could always put that money to better use paying for the welfare case that has 10 kids to 10 different guys that does nothing but sit on the couch all day.

We have 2 senators down here in VA that claim to be champions of veterans, Webb and Warner. They have the military logos on their office doors and show up to all the veterans events but when we really need them to stand up for us and fight they back down.

Not once during all the health care debates did either of these guys raise any concerns about how it was going to affect vets. Its because they really don't care about us. I just love the way Warner has his staffers trained to say "The senator thanks you for your service" when you call their office if you mention that you are a veteran. Senator you can keep your thanks pal.

Well I know this posting probably sounded just like an angry rant. Well actually it was lol. When I read the above article it just made me so mad. I heard a very brief story on it on one of our local TV stations but that was right after the feel good puppy dog story they always throw in to a broadcast. It lasted about a minute. I know everyone is being impacted by the garbage this administration is doing but I just had to share this and then get the yelling out of the way. If I let it build up I may get high blood pressure and have to try to find a doctor that will accept Tricare. If I find one I will probably have to wait 2 months to get an appointment. Then the pharmacy that i go to to fill my high blood pressure medicine will probably be out of it due to the fact that its one of the few that will accept what Tricare pays for drugs. By then I'll be dead. So I figure just blogging about it is alot easier. Ok time to go kill bad guys on Warcraft. (also very therapeutic)
I offer a prayer tonight for a team of soldiers, sailors, and airmen that I provide technical support to that very recently got deployed. Get back soon and break more computers. My trouble ticket count is low:)

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