Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couple of Politicians That Really Seem To Care

I heard on the radio this morning about our Governor Elect Bob McDonnell doing some charity work then read about it in one of our local papers here in Hampton Roads. http://www.dailypress.com/news/politics/dp-local_mcdonnell_0112jan12,0,1759421.story

Now normally a politician doing charity work would not really peak my interest. They do it for face time and publicity. Especially when it affiliates them with the military. While I have never actually met Bob McDonnell I have spoken to some army brothers that had a chance to meet the guy. One of them told me when you speak to him he seems genuine. Especially to the military. I have a feeling this may be enhanced by the fact that his daughter served. Hopefully I'm reading this guy "Right". These days its hard to say lol. I guess we will see, but I'm putting some hope in him that he can fix what our current Richmond resident has screwed up.

The second guy is one I have had interactions with on a few occasions. Congressman Rob Wittman. I don't have any recent article about his actions but I wanted to share some personal comments about this man. I have become one of those people that call my senators and congressman on a regular basis about issues. God help them now because I have a Blackberry and when I sit in one of our daily hour long traffic jams I get bored. I have a passion about veterans issues. Hmm wonder why lol.
I called him around a year ago to complain about the fact that the retiree dental plan Delta Dental is the exact same plan my company offers at 3 times the price. I really don't want to give a ton of info about my company because I don't know all the legal caveats and don't want to get fired or in trouble for talking about them online. They treat me well and I like where I work. Well the aide that spoke to me it turns out was a retiree and a really great guy. I told him my issues and the next thing I know I was invited to a veterans council meeting. When I got there I'll admit I was a bit intimidated. I had my suit on and I looked spit and polish but the folks in the room as they introduced themselves were high ranking retirees and a few locally important people. After a few other topics were discussed Congressman Whitman gave me the floor and I had my say. His aides and the other people in the rooms took real notes about what I was saying!!! I have seen enough briefs with high ranks in them to know the difference between "doodle notes" and real notes. These were by God real notes about what I was saying. Then afterward I has some time with the Congressman one on one. This man really gives a crap about the military.
Since then I have stopped in his Yorktown office on a few occasions to get some advice for a couple of young troops that had some big problems and one old wardog that was getting a run around. If he allows me at a later date I will relate the story of the old war dog with 25+ years of honorable service is having to fight to finish his career. Because of legalities that congressmen have to follow concerning their abilities to work issues in other Congressman's districts my Congressman could not get directly involved but the advice his aides passed to me (his legal constituent) concerning the best approaches for such issues was extremely valuable. As of this writing War Dog has yet to get one iota of assistance from his democrat congressman in a nearby district. His calls haven't even been returned. Hopefully he will let me blog his story but out of great respect I have for this man the few details I have given about him is all I will give for now.

The point of this whole posting was to share what I believe are a few points of hope. With all the bad politicians out there when I see these 2 men I have to put some hope in them. I pray later on down the road they don't dash that hope but here's praying for them. If they do fail me.....At least I Got Chicken!!!!!!

I offer a prayer tonight again for all my deployed brothers and sisters but especially for a young man I have known since birth who is currently serving in Iraq. Louie be safe brother and keep your head down.


  1. I hope you're correct. Honorable politicians are pretty darned hard to find.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It does give me hope to know that there are some representatives who care about the people. Maybe one day they will be the majority.

  3. Hey Chicken,

    It is great to hear that there are still a few American politicians that deserve to be in office!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. Sounds like Obamarx and Co. could take a lesson from these two on how to treat constituents. Bunch of jagoffs!

    May all the angels of Heaven watch over Louie, his fellow soldiers, and their families!